Happy birthday, Molly. I love you

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friend ?????!?


fr iend!! !!!


im coming friend


im here i love u

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This guy would survive a horror movie.

This guy would survive a horror movie.

Every single time this comes up on my dash it gets funnier. Like I just fell of of my bed from laughing so hard

He hit him with a lamp.

I love his freedom pants.

im crying omg

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Colourised black and white photo of an American soldier at an allied base in 1942 

This is amazing

How can you not reblog?

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A breakfast fruit platter of Mango, Golden Kiwi, Apple and Blueberries. Orchids are abundant around our house now after my mother’s recent house party and it’s lovely to see the different colours of the beautiful little flowers as they seem to be in eternal bloom. In other news: my instagram @redefiningfood (follow it!), the last of the mangoes from the tail end of mango season, and the beginning of a new apple chapter in the life of this fruitarian. 

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